What are the benefits?

Cryotherapy Can benefit the body in many ways, including reduced inflammation, increased metabolic rate (burning between 500-800 calories,) and an increase in endorphins which will make you feel happy and energetic. You may experience pain relief, and clearer, more youthful looking skin. These are just some of the health benefits of whole body cryotherapy.

Who should not use Cryotherapy?

Some people should not undergo cryotherapy, including children 12 yrs or younger, those with heart problems or heart disease, anyone with respiratory issues, women who are or may be pregnant, and anyone with open wounds.

What should I wear?

We provide all clothes that our clients will need, but it is recommended that women bring a sports bra without underwire to wear and everyone wear clean, dry underwear. You will be asked to take off all jewelry and remove any piercings you may have and to pat your skin dry before entering the chamber. We also ask that you do not apply any lotions, oils, perfumes or colognes before receiving cryotherapy.

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Is Cryotherapy safe?

Cryotherapy has been in practice for 30 years and if used as directed can be a wonderful, quick alternative to other treatments. Your blood pressure will temporarily rise while exposed to the sub zero temperatures, but then will return back to normal. If you have any concerns, please refer to our list of clients who should not use cryotherapy as an alternative.

How often should I get treatments?

Each person will be different, but for most we recommend coming in for 2-3 times a week for the first month and then coming in 1-2 times per week to maintain results afterwards.

Athletes and those who are physically active may consider coming in more often (once or twice per day) to increase recovery time and sooth sore muscles after a workout, or to increase stamina and strength before a workout.

Will I be uncomfortably cold?

Our cryo chamber reaches anywhere from -150 degrees to -250 degrees fahrenheit, but you will only be exposed to this temperature for 1.5-3 minutes at a time. Most find that this is not unbearable at all! It’s also important to remember that you will be exposed to dry air, and only your extremities will feel cold whereas internally, your body will force blood flow to your core to maintain your internal body temperature.

Should I take a shower before or after?

We do encourage our clients to have clean, dry skin before entering the cryo chamber, but it is not necessary to take a shower before or after your therapy session. The chamber will be very dry so you’ll leave feeling clean and refreshed for the rest of your day.

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